Ronaldo denies claims he wants to leave Real Madrid – says his words had been misinterpreted

“I never said that I would leave Madrid,” Cristiano Ronaldo told Real Madrid president Florentino Perez, according to El Confidencial.

“I commented at a dinner with teammates that I was hurt, that I felt mistreated, persecuted and treated as a delinquent when I fulfilled my tax obligations following the instructions of my advisers and lawyers, both in England and in Spain,”

“I have not denied anything of the published because I do not enter into that game of the press.If you deny once, you are doomed to do it always.And if you do not, you will interpret that the one who is silent, gives.I have never denied anything published, Not even when it was about barbarities about me, my family or my personal relationships, “

“Whoever thinks that I would go to the president to demand a contract improvement over the Treasury issue is that he does not know me. I did not work like that.”

The 32-year-old was heavily reported to want to leave the Spanish capital after allegations of tax fraud rose against him, and many predicted a £130m move to Manchester United was on the cards.

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