Chelsea boss Antonio Conte: “Players like Lionel Messi is born once every 50 years”

“We are talking about a player who can move the final result for every team, for any team he is playing in,” Conte said of Messi after the 3-0 Champions League defeat at Barcelona. 


“He started to play with Barcelona and for sure he will finish his career in Barcelona. Many teams can hope to have him in their team, but it won’t be possible. 

“This is a great story for Barcelona and Messi . This type of player is born (once) in 50 years. We are talking about one single player with this capacity, with this ability, with these skills. 

“He’s fantastic. We are talking about a player who is able to move the final result for the team for whom he is playing.”

Asked what he said to Messi after the Champions League game at Camp Nou, Conte said, “When you have the opportunity to make a great compliment to Messi, I think it’s right. 

“It’s right to praise a super , super , super top player. A player who is able to score 60 goals in every season, not only for one season. I’m very pleased to have the opportunity at the end of the game to give him my compliments because we are talking about an extraordinary player, the best in the world.”

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