During his latest media call for this Sunday’s NXT Takeover event, Triple H discussed the possibility of WWE NXT moving nights.

WWE NXT did spend a couple of episodes on a Tuesday recently, with the show doing well in the ratings on that day. However, the Game admitted that they’re happy being on a Wednesday right now, and stated that it is also up to their partners and what they want.

“I’m happy with where we are,” Triple H admitted. “These conversations around all of our product at all times with the best place for it to sit, best place for it to work [and]all of that, funny thing, I don’t hear anybody else asking about people moving on Wednesday since we were always on Wednesdays. It comes down to a question of where the show best fits, not only for us but for our partners and where they want to go to.

“We’re open to doing the best business we can, but it’s not just a simple a decision as it’s our decision and we just put the show where we want to put it. Those decisions are made by our partners, and everything else along the way.” (H/T to WrestlingInc.com for the transcriptions.)

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