AEW’s Anna Jay recently took the time to praise Dustin Rhodes, discussing how influential he has been in helping the women’s matches.

The AEW star was a recent guest on Talk Is Jericho where she spoke about the impact that Dustin is having on the division behind the scenes.

“A lot of the times, Dustin’s our coach for the women, and a lot of times he’ll kind of say the layout that he likes or what he envisions for us. And then we’ll kind of go off and say what we want to do or what move do you want to head and stuff like that,” Jay revealed. “So it’s kind of half and half.”

Jay also spoke about how Dustin does a lot of the training with the women as well, which she says helps as he knows how they all work.

“It’s cool because he does the training for the women, so he kind of knows how all of us move and what moves we do and how we wrestle,” Jay noted. “It’s cool that he gets to be our coach for the matches because he already kind of has an idea in his head about how everything will work. He’s been so helpful to all of us to.

“Go to training and he pretty much coaches all the women’s matches, like you said, besides Kenny with Shida, but he’s helped me ton. He’s really cares too, so it’s nice to have someone who knows all your moves, knows what you can do [well] and help you look good when you go out there because that’s important, especially for me being new.” (H/T to for the transcriptions)

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