Euro 2020 draws ever nearer as the first teams to confirm their place in next summer’s tournament.

To mark the 60th anniversary of the tournament, Uefa are holding the next edition across 12 cities, making it pan-continental.

The number of countries involved has also been bumped up from 16 nations to 24.

With two matches to go here is the lay of the land.

Scroll down for all you need to know ahead of the group stage draw…

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When is the Euro 2020 draw?

The draw takes place on November 30, 2019, in Bucharest, Romania at 5pm GMT.

Qualified teams

Belgium were the first team to qualify after putting nine past San Marino to maintain their perfect record during qualification.

France joined them soon after thanks to a 1-0 win over Iceland. Followed by Italy, Russia, Poland, Ukraine and Spain. England, Turkey, Poland and Czech Republic sealed their place on Thursday.

As the tournament has no traditional sole, or two, host nation then there is no regular automatic qualified place for a single host country.

How does the draw work?

The 24 qualified nations will be placed into four pots, based on seedings and qualification performance, and then drawn into six groups of four.

Pot 1 will be the six best group winners, Pot 2 will be the remaining four group winners and two best runners up, Pot 3 will be the third to eighth-best runners up and Pot 4 will be the two worst runners up and four play-off winners, whose identity will be decided in late March 2020.

The teams will be drawn one by one and then given a number for their position in the group, for example: A1, A2, A3 and A4.

What TV channel?

As ever, the Uefa tournament will be free to air across the world. BBC and ITV will hold the broadcast rights for the UK.

The draw will also be shown on free to air TV and broadcast on Uefa’s website.

Group games schedule

There will be three matchdays, with the four teams in each group playing each other once.

Based on the numbering inside each group confirmed during the November draw, first will play second and third will play fourth on matchday one, played between June 12 and 16.

First will play third and second will play fourth on matchday two, played between June 17 and 20. Matchday three will see first play fourth and second play third between June 21 and 24.

Kick-off times for group game matches will be confirmed following the draw.

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Euro 2020 schedule in full

Friday 12 June

Saturday 13 June

  • Game 2: Group A (Baku)
  • Game 3: Group B (Copenhagen)
  • Game 4: Group B (St Petersburg)

Sunday 14 June

  • Game 5: Group C (Amsterdam)
  • Game 6: Group C (Bucharest)
  • Game 7: Group D (London)

Monday 15 June

  • Game 8: Group D (Glasgow)
  • Game 9: Group E (Bilbao)
  • Game 10: Group E (Dublin)

Tuesday 16 June

  • Game 11: Group F (Budapest)
  • Game 12: Group F (Munich)

Wednesday 17 June

  • Game 13: Group A (Baku)
  • Game 14: Group A (Rome)
  • Game 15: Group B (St Petersburg)

Thursday 18 June

  • Game 16: Group B (Copenhagen)
  • Game 17: Group C (Amsterdam)
  • Game 18: Group C (Bucharest)

Friday 19 June

  • Game 19: Group D (Glasgow)
  • Game 20: Group D (London)
  • Game 21: Group E (Dublin)

Saturday 20 June

  • Game 22: Group E (Bilbao)
  • Game 23: Group F (Budapest)
  • Game 24: Group F (Munich)

Sunday 21 June

  • Game 25: Group A (Baku)
  • Game 26: Group A (Rome)

Monday 22 June

  • Game 27: Group B (Copenhagen)
  • Game 28: Group B (St Petersburg)
  • Game 29: Group C (Amsterdam)
  • Game 30: Group C (Bucharest)

Tuesday 23 June

  • Game 31: Group D (Glasgow)
  • Game 32: Group D (London)

Wednesday 24 June

  • Game 33: Group E (Bilbao)
  • Game 34: Group E (Dublin)
  • Game 35: Group F (Budapest)
  • Game 36: Group F (Munich)

Round of 16 schedule

Monday 27 June

  • Game 37: Group A winner vs Group C runner-up (London)
  • Game 38: Group A runner-up vs Group B runner-up (Amsterdam)

Tuesday 28 June

  • Game 39: Group B winner vs third in Group A, D, E or F (Bilbao)
  • Game 40: Group C winner vs third in Group D, E or F (Budapest)

Wednesday 29 June

  • Game 41: Group F winner vs third in Group A, B or C (Bucharest)
  • Game 42: Group D runner-up vs Group E runner-up (Copenhagen)

Thursday 30 June

  • Game 43: Group E winner vs third in Group A, B, C or D (Glasgow)
  • Game 44: Group D winner vs Group F runner-up (Dublin)

Quarter-final schedule

Friday 3 July

  • Game 45: Winner of game 41 vs Winner of game 42 (Saint Petersburg)
  • Game 46: Winner of game 39 vs Winner of game 37 (Munich)

Saturday 4 July

  • Game 47: Winner of game 40 vs Winner of game 38 (Baku)
  • Game 48: Winner of game 43 vs Winner of game 44 (Rome)

Semi-final schedule

Tuesday 7 July

  • Game 49: Winner of game 45 vs Winner of game 46 (London)

Wednesday 8 July

  • Game 50: Winner of game 48 vs Winner of game 47 (London)

Final schedule

Sunday 12 July

  • Game 51: Winner of game 49 vs Winner of game 50 (London)


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