Neymar would have cost Paris Saint-Germain €430m (£383m) to prise away from Barcelona


Neymar’s father revealed that his son’s contract included a termination fee of €190m, with taxes accounting for the remainder of the figure.


“With regard to the subject of PSG, there is a contradiction, due, apparently, to a lack of understanding,” he told Globo Esporte .

“Well, the athlete is subject to pay the termination fine for breach of contract with any club. The club would support this payment in the region of €190m and would also have to compute the tax – in Spain, at the time, it was somewhere around 56%.

“I believe that €430m was not an obscene value. The player was unattainable and priceless, in that Barcelona do not want to sell. In fact, even if the value was obscene, it is not my problem. It was the contracted amount.”

PSG were heavily linked with Neymar before he signed a lucrative new contract with Barcelona last week.

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