The 2015/2016 Premier League season has so far been what one can describe as many chapters in an unraveling novel.
Around this time last year, Chelsea were clearly the runaway league leaders but the topsy-turvy nature of this season has seen Chelsea and Leicester City literarily swapping positions on the league table.
There are still defining games to come in the league as well as in other cup competitions, which could turn the tide of the battle, but I would like to hastily write the concluding chapter of the 2015/2016 season best-selling New York times fairytale novel with Leicester city as its protagonist and a fairytale ending for all the other actors involved and possibly a deja vu for the team in the white part of North London with a few conspiracy theories and wishful thinking – along the way – as I am no prophet or clairvoyant.
If my postulations pan out as it would be written in this piece, the Premier League may be setting a new record or equaling the record as the case may be, and would at the same time rival the La liga where some of the world’s best players ply their trade.
Here is a cursory look at my wishing thinking and conspiracy theory wrapped into one;
Leicester City would be crowned Premier League champions, while Arsenal would rue missed chances to win the league which has eluded them for a while, but the Gunners would better Tottenham, their North London rivals who will finish in fourth place, because they have never finished in any position above the Gunners in the Premier League era, while City would finish in third place.
LVG has recently said that winning the Europa league may be their surest way of competing in the Champions league next season. That’s an arduous task but it is possible, and I tip them to do that based on my wishful thinking than on any other factor. But when I remember that the likes of Sevilla and Benfica are still in the Europa league which they “live for”, then my wishful thinking pulls a hand brake and takes a look at the rear mirror only to see those teams who have made the Europa league their forte.
The Blues on the other hand are yet to kick a ball in the Champions League round of 16 as I am putting down this piece, but based on Hiddink’s past record in his short stint at Chelsea a few years ago, I would also be tipping the Blues to win Europe’s biggest cup competition even though there are other firm favourites. This alone is enough to compensate the blues for their travails this season if they do win it.
IF my wishful thinking were to go according to plan, the Premier League would be breaking the new record set by La Liga who had five representatives in this seasons Champions League by presenting 6 or equaling the record as the case may be, as the Red devils and the Blues would get an automatic slot to play in the Champions League come next season as they would both be rewarded with a slot to compete with Europe’s best once again after winning on the continent. Spurs might lose out once again as they did in 2012 when Chelsea won the Champions League and usurped the North London who finished in 4th place then.
Dreams they say do come true, but if wishes were horses, beggars would ride to the stars and back. Let me continue to slumber on and savour every moment of my happy ending for the Premier League for as long as my conspiracy theory would stand the test of time, but please take me out of my reverie and the fairytale path I have set my foot on when the reality checks begin to set in or has set in as the sort of ending I am envisaging is the sort than can only be found on the scripts and screen of a happy ending sports drama which has just been nominated for an Oscar and Golden Globe awards. If it eventually works out as I have put them down, then I should be getting royalties for my script on THE BEST SHORT STORY.

There goes my fairytale ending to the Premier League season in May but how do you see the league panning down in your own head? Drop your story in the comments section and let me hear from you.


Compiled by: Seyi – Twitter: @FamousSeyi

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