Ryan Giggs believes Cristiano Ronaldo has moved to Juventus because he is obsessed with La Liga rival Lionel Messi. Ronaldo spent nine years at Real Madrid following his transfer from Manchester United, where he won four Champions League trophies with the club during his time there. However, the Portugal international has made the recent switch to Juventus after signing a recent four-year deal with the Turin club.

‘I’m surprised, surprised that he would leave Real Madrid and go to Italy,’ Giggs told ITV. ‘I think it’s a big challenge for him but he’s going to a huge club. Having that on your CV… Real Madrid, Man United and Juventus. It’s some CV. It will be a challenge for him at 33.

‘He’s obsessed at being better than Messi. I did it in England, I did it in Spain, I’m going to do it in Italy. I did it with Portugal. So maybe that will be his argument when [he thinks about] ‘Am I better than Messi’?’