While online gambling might be the most popular choice for some gamblers, now and then it’s refreshing to break away from the screens and visit a country that offers a fresh take on betting. If you feel like planning a getaway that includes some responsible punting, then this article from Timeform is just for you!

Here we have listed 8 of the most popular gambling destinations in the world. Each location offers something unique.

  1. 1. Las Vegas, Nevada

The first and most obvious gambling destination on our list is Las Vegas. Home to more than 70 casinos, the highlight of this area is a 4-mile stretch called ‘The Strip’. Here, you can place any type of bet imaginable and with the bright lights and pumped-up atmosphere, Las Vegas is a popular spot for many punters.

  1. 2. Macau, China

Overtaking Las Vegas as the gambling capital of the world, Macau is now the ultimate gambler’s paradise. Interestingly enough, Macau is the only area in China where gambling is permitted – making this a hub of excitement.

  1. 3. New Jersey

While New Jersey might seem like a modest country, the Garden State has recently opened many fascinating casinos. With the Atlantic City resort landing on home ground, New Jersey is certainly a destination to keep in mind if you feel like placing a wager on fresh ground.

  1. 4. Reno, Nevada

Nevada is home to many gambling gems, including the Biggest Little City situated in Reno. With a huge variety of slots, table-betting, and sports betting options to choose from, this hive of entertainment draws masses from not only America but from countries across the globe.

  1. 5. London, England

The UK is a little less rigid when it comes to gambling laws and because of this, London is quite the betting hub. As long as you are over 18, then nearly everything goes. Being British, the casinos are on the “posh” side with only a few more casual venues available.

  1. 6. Singapore

Relatively new to the scene, this destination is fast gaining status as one of THE best gambling destinations in the world. When gambling became legal in the country in 2005, doors were opened and now there are plenty of luxurious casino resorts to pick and choose from.

  1. 7. Aruba

If you like to mix white sandy beaches with a spot of gambling, then Aruba is a great holiday destination for bettors. Many casinos are open 24/7 and you will find a slot machine around nearly every turn. It’s also home to sports betting and large-screen TVs can be found at almost every venue, each one playing the most popular matches.

  1. 8. Monte Carlo, Monaco

Monte Carlo has an amazing knack at making gambling classy and sophisticated. Renowned for being the ultimate gambling destination in Europe, here you will find even the most niche games to bet on, barring sports betting that is (which is not allowed).

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