Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are two of the greatest players of all time that have won numerous titles both with their teams and individually.

Although the two icons have already etched their names in football’s history, the argument on who is greater between the two is a polarized one, with many rooting for Messi, while another section says it is the Portuguese star.

However, Cristiano Ronaldo has come out to say he will be greater than Messi if he wins more Ballon d’Or awards than him, although he did admit the Argentine has already secured his place in football’s history.

Both have won the prestigious award five times each and are expected to be in the running when this year’s nominees are rolled out.

While many feel Lionel Messi does not need to win more Ballon d’Or awards to be greater than his arch-rival, Ronaldo believes he will be above him if he wins more than him.

The Portuguese captain said this in an interview with British journalist Piers Morgan on ITV where got excerpts from.

“Messi’s in the history of football – but I think I have to have six or seven or eight to be above him,” the Juventus star said.  I’d love it, I think I deserve it.”

Nevertheless, the 34-year-old believes he will forever be one of the greatest footballers of all time even if he does not win more Ballon d’Or awards.

“I’m sure I’m in the history of football for what I have done and what I’m continuing to do, but one of the best players in history,” the Portugal captain added.

“For me, the number one in history, but for some fans, if the number one is another one and I’m second, it doesn’t matter. I know I’m in the history of football as one of the greatest ever.”