Daily Telegraph have already released a secret filming of England boss Sam Allardyce in which he claims that he can offer advice on how to “get around” FA transfer rules on third-party ownership of players.
However, they have now revealed that further allegations will follow throughout the week after a year-long investigation into corruption.

The newspaper claims that it will detail how the assistant manager of a high-profile football club accepted a £5,000 cash “bung”, how 10 managers were named by players’ agents as taking bribes to fix player transfers and how two well-known managers discussed becoming ambassadors for the same fictitious firm as Allardyce.

The report also says that they have received information of another high-profile manager admitting that his players broke FA rules by betting on their own games, but failed to report it, in addition to a senior figure at a Premier League club helping undercover reporters to formulate a plan to bribe managers.

The FA are reportedly considering sacking Allardyce just two months into his tenure following the allegations.

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