Manny Pacquiao successfully returned to the ring by dethroning Jessie Vargas in Las Vegas on Saturday, talk quickly turned to a rematch with Mayweather.

Mayweather, who was unexpectedly ringside for the bout, overcame the Filipino icon in last year’s blockbuster showdown, before the pair eventually went into retirement.

Pacquiao will turn 38 in December, while Mayweather – still in retirement – is set to celebrate his 40th birthday in February, but the former is ready to avenge his defeat.

“Not only for myself, but the fans of boxing want the rematch then why not?”, Pacquiao told reporters on Sunday. “We can easily talk about that it is not a problem.

“Because we now have direct contact to them it would be easier to talk about when there will be a rematch.

“I believe if there is a rematch, or if it happens, I want to make sure the fans will love it and I will give everything to get back their trust.”

Pacquiao added: “We don’t have any discussions as for now. It is not in my mind right now for the next fight.”

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