South Korean side FC Seoul have been handed a record £67,000 fine for filling their empty stands with sex dolls during their K-League match against Gwangju FC.

Around 20 dolls were placed in the stadium with some wearing face masks and the team’s colours while others displayed t-shirts and placards with the logo of SoloS, a sex toy seller.

The mannequins, most of them female, but some male, were placed in the arena as a substitute for fans who are not currently allowed to attend games because of the coronavirus pandemic.

K-League rules state inappropriate or sexual advertisements are not permitted and officials have decided to impose a record fine, ESPN report.

The league recognised that the club had not intentionally ordered sex dolls but noted that, given their appearance and characteristics, there was enough time to realise a mistake had been made before Sunday evening’s kick-off after they had been installed earlier that day.

FC Seoul celebrates after beating Gwangju FC 1-0

‘We are sincerely sorry for causing deep concern to fans,’ they said in a statement to supporters.

‘We have confirmed from the very beginning that they had no connection to sex toys.

‘Our intention from the start was to provide even a small entertainment after it was decided that the games would be hosted behind closed doors due to coronavirus.

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‘Regardless of that, we would like to apologise once again to everyone who loves and supports FC Seoul. We will be holding further discussions on how we can review potential problems in similar matters. We will put forth our due diligence to prevent such issues in the future.’

Seoul beat Gwangju 1-0 but could be docked a minimum of five points as a further punishment. The home for trending sports news.