When it comes to finding the best golf products, every golfer needs a little guidance. Don’t sweat it, we got you covered! For our new Best of Everything series, we’ve canvassed the golf accessories, apparel and game-improvement space to identify the very best stuff for your game. Think of us as your personal shopping assistant.


Ask any Top 100 Teacher or Tour player and they’ll tell you the same thing: The key to actual, genuine improvement isn’t just practice. You must practice with a purpose. Practicing smart requires feedback, which is why practice aids that ensure you’re accomplishing your goals can be so valuable.

There’s a subtle — but important — difference between practice aids and training aids. While a training aid is designed to directly fix a problem, a practice aid is something that operates more in the background. Think of it as a fact-checker; it reinforces positive habits, at times without you even noticing.

The best part?  Some of the best golf practice aids are also among the most affordable. Here are our picks for best in class.

Best Practice Aid For Putting

The Navigator Putting Aid

This device is one of the most underrated practice aids for putting. Simply attach the Navigator to the bottom of your putter shaft and a small rod shows you where your putter face is aiming. You might be alarmed by your alignment at first, but the rod will easily guide you back to square. Simple. Brilliant.


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Best Practice Aid For At-Home Practice

PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer

If you love practicing your putting at home, there’s nothing better — or more addictive — than the PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer. It’s a toy that makes practicing your putting fun: Hit the perfect putt, and your ball will stop neatly in the small hole. If not, your ball will roll back toward your feet. Aim small, miss small, and you’ll find yourself holing more putts as a result.


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