It’s that time of year again when you can’t turn on the TV without finding Home Alone streaming on some channel. Between marathons of the movies and the highly anticipated release of The Irishman, Joe Pesci is back in the spotlight.

While decompressing from Thanksgiving weekend on Sunday night, I popped on ‘The Movies That Made Us,’ another Netflix new release. Home Alone is the subject of one of four episodes and I couldn’t resist learning the backstory to my favorite Christmas movie. My biggest takeaway? Joe Pesci is obsessed with golf.

When Pesci’s character, Harry, wasn’t banging crowbars with fellow Wet Bandit Marv, he was banging golf balls near the Home Alone set. Producers attempted to schedule Pesci for early call times throughout the shooting, Attempted being the key word. Upon learning this, Pesci took a producer by the collar for a walk-and-talk to explain 7 a.m. call times just weren’t going to work for him.

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