1. Ball position

You want the ball position to be just back of center. It’s not quite as exaggerated as it would be for a full punch shot, but it should be in the back half of your stance.

2. Control the clubface

The clubface should be slightly shut when you are halfway into your backswing. Your takeaway will typically have a natural rotation of the toe of the club toward the sky, but you want it to be in a stronger position for the stinger.

“You’ll notice that the toe is over the heel,” Plecker says. “This delofts the golf club. Making sure the toe doesn’t rotate up to add loft is a really important key of the stinger shot.”

3. Follow through

It’s important on the follow through to make a conscious effort to turn your trail shoulder through the ball. Keeping that shoulder turning through the ball drives the clubhead forward after impact.

“When you do that,” Plecker says. “You’ll turn your 4-iron into a 1-iron.”

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