In these dark days for golf, perhaps the best place to look is inward. As the game we love leaves the professional landscape for at least a month (if not longer), some experts are pointing to golf as a safe activity we can all do to get outside. (Just make sure you follow the right precautions.)

But while we can all get outside, we can’t all have the talent of young Leo Boniface. The 7-year-old golfer has over 10,000 Instagram followers, largely for his incredible trick shot videos.

Last week, “the kid golfer” posted the best of the bunch of his trick shot videos. Check it out below.

I’d argue it’s actually more impressive that the man with the bottle on his head is able to keep still while young Leo lines up his shot. There are few things more intimidating on earth than being within firing range of a golf shot, let alone being the intended target.

There’s some speculation in the comments section that perhaps Boniface was swinging a foam ball, but hey, beggars can’t be choosers. That’s a heck of a shot, foam ball or not. And beyond that, a heck of a display of golf talent. The kind we’ll be missing for the next few weeks.

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