Roskopf is also the founder of Muscle Activation Techniques and sees plenty of golfers come through his doors looking for help getting physically fit to swing a club well.

Of all the golfers he sees, there’s a common muscle group they all overlook: the obliques.

“The obliques are where I see the greatest weaknesses,” Roskopf said. “And the obliques are what we need to generate the forces to have a good swing.”

For golfers, the obliques play a huge role in generating the rotational forces needed for a powerful swing. Not only do they help you turn your torso, but they also play a key role in turning your hips. And when muscles are weak, they show up as tightness according to Roskopf. That tightness prevents a golfer from making a good swing. It’s as simple as that.

“When you have abdominal weakness, it shows up as the inability to rotate,” Roskopf explained.

Roskopf’s entire program is based on the idea that the body is an integrated system. In this case, the golf swing is only as strong as its isolated parts. In order to strengthen your obliques and core, you need to strengthen both the muscles themselves and the neural pathways that help your brain and muscles communicate with each other. Essentially, you’re building your muscles and your muscle memory.

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