Sometimes, the difference between a 90s shooter and an 80s shooter can be as simple as prioritizing the right things. Enter GOLF’s resident low-handicaps, who are here to offer some helpful advice, golfer-to-golfer.

Dylan Dethier (+3.3 handicap): Losing confidence. One bad swing can cause some players to abandon all hope — and, even worse, ditch everything they’d been working on beforehand to get better. Bad shots happen, but good players don’t allow one bad shot to bleed into the ones that follow. Trust the process!

Luke Kerr-Dineen (2.2 handicap): Marc Leishman put it best when I talked to him the other day: Breaking 80 consistently doesn’t require heroics. It requires the opposite of heroics. You don’t need towering straight drives. You need predictable misses. You don’t need to go pin-hunting. You need to aim for the middle of greens. You don’t need low-scores, you need to not make high scores. All these things are controlled by decisions that golfers make, both when they practice and when they play. It’s not hard, but it requires discipline and to check your ego at the door.

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