This Thanksgiving, we’re thankful for Dave Bautista and Dana Brooke. Specifically, the incredibly public displays of thirst that the two have been putting out on social media this week.

It all started last week when the former World Heavyweight Champion posted a photo on Instagram of him and his now ex-girlfriend, stating that he was in love. Then, just two hours later, Big Dave was single again.

Brooke, who currently wrestles for the WWE Smackdown brand, was recently featured on WWE Ride-a-Long where she was rejected by a total stranger for a date. To be fair, it was because Mojo Rawley yelled out the window at a random man in a nearby car — not exactly a “meet cute”.

Naturally, fans began to tag Brooke and Bautista together on social media, and slowly but surely the weird, kinky ball of public flirtation started rolling down the hill. It wasn’t long before Drax had his shirt off, Dana was posting GIFs of her own butt, and social media lost their minds for what we’re affectionately referring to as “Brooktista”.

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