January 17th, 2020


We kick the show off with WWE legend, Kane, who is making his return to the company tonight and to a great ovation. He says that we are nine days away from his favorite event of the year, the Royal Rumble. Kane notes that you have to go through hell, but the reward is a chance at immortality.

He reminds people that he holds the record for the most career eliminations. He says that during every elimination, he has watched into the eyes and seen the hope leave peoples eyes as their feet hit the ground. Kane admits that it was a lot of fun.

But before he can continue, the Firefly Fun House pops up!

Bray Wyatt says that Kane hasn’t changed a bit. Wyatt says he’s happy Kane is here and he also assures everyone that Rambling Rabbit is alive and recovering quite nicely as we show him hooked up to a carrot I.V. drip. Wyatt then says winning the Rumble isn’t a great idea, especially if they’re foolish enough to challenge him.

Wyatt then shows Kane’s picture on his wall, saying if that is him, then he and The Fiend got it on. Wyatt says he will never forget Kane, as he shows past clips of them when they feuded in the past. Wyatt says that he won’t forget, and neither will “he.”

The lights then go out and The Fiend pops out from under the ring! Kane turns around and asks him what took so long, as Daniel Bryan then appears and nails him with a Running Knee! Bryan then attacks him as The Fiend runs away back to the hole under the ring, wit this clearly being a trap!

Bryan beats him back down to the hole and he ends up with a handful of The Fiend’s hair in his hands, as payback for what happened in the past. Bryan and Kane then celebrate with the fans.


Kane and Daniel Bryan are shown backstage and it is pointed to Bryan by Charly Caruso that Bryan has The Fiend on the run. Bryan says that is what he is best at, so he says he has an idea, that isn’t a smart one, so he challenges The Fiend to a strap match at the Royal Rumble.

Bryan says he is done with him disappearing down that hole every time he has him in trouble. Bryan says The Fiend changed him, but at the Royal Rumble, he is going to change The Fiend.


John Morrison starts the match out catching Big E with several forearms, but the New Day member responds with a big shoulder tackle of his own. Morrison responds by catching Big E with several strikes as he then hangs him up on the apron, dropping Big E to the floor with a huge neck breaker.

Back from commercial and, Morrison catches Big E with a dropkick as he remains in control of the match, hitting a standing moonsault. Big E powers his way out of the cover though and lifts Morrison off the ground, looking for the Big Ending.

Morrison counters and slips through his legs and the bottom ropes to connect with another kick. His dive back into the ring is avoided by E though who follows it up with several belly to belly suplexes. Morrison pokes Big E in the eye to gain an advantage, but it backfires as the New Day member sets up the Big Splash!

Morrison once again shows his striking ability with a kick to the back of the head as he follows it with a swinging neck breaker. The Miz then jumps on the apron but Kofi Kingston pulls him down and shoves him into the steel stairs.

Morrison quickly reacts by flying off the top rope to take Kofi out, and then Miz saves him from being taken out by Big E’s spear. John Morrison then hits the ring and catches Big E with a knee to the face that he follows up with Starship Pain for a win on his return.

Winner: John Morrison

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