Feb. 11th
IMPACT Wrestling
Mexico City, Mexico

Show opens with a recap of the Knockouts Championship #1 Contender match.

Second Match In A Best of Five Series: Michael Elgin (1-0) vs. Eddie Edwards (0-1)

The longer this feud goes, the less necessary it feels. Elgin & Edwards continue to phone in a heatless match in front of a dead Mexico City crowd. Elgin wins with an Elgin Bomb after a 7 minute match that was stretched to 15 for some reason.

WINNER: Michael Elgin (2-0)

The descent of Taya Valkyrie is recapped.

Back from commercial and IMPACT Sacrifice is advertised. Backstage, Gabby Lauren interviews Taya Valkyrie, but the sound mixing is so terrible that I have no idea what she’s talking about.

Madman Fulton vs. Daga

Madman Fulton spent the match throwing Daga around like a ragdoll. Fulton’s size advantage is too much for Daga. Daga eventually fights back with swift kicks, only to be repeatedly chokeslammed. Daga wakes the crowd up with a Death Valley Driver. Daga fights off the Crist Brothers, but the distraction is enough for Fulton to get the win.

WINNER: Madman Fulton.

Backstage, Moose gets a massage. While Moose is complaining about Rhino, Rhino shows up an beats up Moose. He chokes moose with a cord, and whips him with a towel.

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