March 27th, 2020


WWE SmackDown kicks off tonight with the WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion, Bayley, and her best friend, Sasha Banks. Bayley points out we are just over a week away from WWE WrestleMania 36, and she points out that this year it’s too big for one night.

Sasha Banks says it’s supposed to be a magical time, and Bayley says this year their WrestleMania is a nightmare, because of Paige. Bayley claims that Paige is jealous of them, and that’s why she’s put her in a fatal fiveway elimination match.

Bayley says Paige thinks she’s slick by putting Sasha in the match, but she says that plan is going to backfire on them. Bayley says they’re better together, but before Sasha can respond (after some hesitation,) Lacey Evans makes her way out.

Bayley immediately calls her a loser and Sasha begins to mock her child. However, Lacey says she’s going to break Sasha’s jaw with a Woman’s Right and then she’s going to teach Bayley a lesson by taking her title, but Naomi then arrives.

Naomi agrees with Lacey, and she says she has unfinished business with Bayley and she is going to snatch Sasha Banks’ blue wig to become champion. Tamina then makes her way down and she says actions speak louder than words.

She takes out Naomi with a headbutt and then superkicks Lacey Evans. As she stands strong Bayley and Banks go and beatdown Naomi until they back into Tamina which leads to them backing out of the ring, quickly.

(If Gulak wins, Daniel Bryan faces Sami Zayn for the Intercontinental Title at WrestleMania 36)

Shinsuke Nakamura immediately takes down Drew Gulak and begins unloading with several knee strikes. Nakamura then launches Gulak into the corner but he explodes out it with a double knees to respond and then starts dominating himself.

Cesaro then helps Nakamura get out of the ring and Shinsuke takes advantage, swiping Gulak’s leg as he smashes onto the apron and follows it up with a series of kicks. However, back in the ring, Gulak turns things around again as he targets the lower leg of Shinsuke.

Nakamura avoids the next attack and follows up by diving off the second rope with a big kick to the face. Nakamura sends Gulak face-first onto the mat and he looks to follow it up with a Kinshasa. However, Daniel Bryan smartly pulls Gulak away and then Drew gets a quick roll-up win to help Daniel Bryan earn a WrestleMania match.

Winner: Drew Gulak

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