Despite having an audition to be part of WWE Backstage on FOX 1, CM Punk has revealed he hasn’t heard anything back about the role.

There was plenty of discussion about what could happen if CM Punk ended up being part of the show due to his past with WWE, but so far there has been no announcement regarding him and the show.

The reason for that could be because Punk actually hasn’t heard back from them, as he revealed in a recent interview with Barstool Sports’ My Mom’s Basement.

“I did the FOX thing, they asked me to come out and I was already in LA, so I went into the FOX studios. I guess you could call it an audition? I haven’t heard a thing. I was told WWE wasn’t involved, but who knows? It could be why I haven’t heard anything yet.”

The latest episode of WWE Backstage will take place tonight where Renee Young and Booker T will once again be joined by Paige and Christian as well as a special guest, Finn Balor.

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